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How do I join Careline Theatre? 
You can join Careline by contacting our membership secretary, Alan Gill at

What does it cost?
Membership costs 10 Euros per year if you are over 18. This is payable, by 31st March, each year and Junior Members between 16 and 17 will pay half the adult subscription.

When do you rehearse? 
Rehearsals are usually in the evening and days are agreed between Director and cast at the beginning of each production.  Generally they are on a Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30 until 10.00. We also have some rehearsals at the weekend, generally on a Sunday. 

Where do you rehearse? 
We rehearse at the Theatre, in Calle de Calvari, Alcalali. Please go to our ‘Find Us’ page, if you would like to find a map or directions to the Theatre.

How often do you perform? 
We try to perform three productions per year at the Theatre. One in the Spring, one in the Autumn and a Pantomime in January. We have also staged other smaller productions at other venues and this year took part in the Costa Blanca Drama Festival, which we hope will be repeated in future years.

What are the auditions like? 
It's quite simple although it can be a little scary the first time you do it! There is usually a read through of the production before the auditions.

The director sets the audition pieces for you to perform at the audition. These pieces are usually extracted from the production and are better learnt if possible, giving you the best chance of impressing the audition panel.

You can audition for more than one role.  When you audition it will be in front of an auditioning committee including the director. The auditions are closed to other members of the society. If possible, we will try to include the audition pieces for each show on our, downloads page - please check there for more information.

If you are given a part you would then be expected to join Careline Theatre. 

What do we expect from the cast? 
Although the Society is run to entertain both the public and its members, we do expect a certain level of commitment and dedication from our cast and crew, and not just on stage.

Directors expect the cast to attend all scheduled rehearsals, or let them know in advance if you are unable to attend. Obviously we don't expect you to make it to rehearsals if you are ill although we ask that you notify someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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